Confused Words: advice vs advise

1. In English, a ship is traditionally referred to as "she", even if named after a man, but this is not universal usage; some journalistic style guides using "it", others "she" and "her".
2. ``Ah, then, you wish to ask of me?''
3. ``Well, M. de Villefort, how would you me to act?''
4. They strongly against using strong opioids.
5. I told them once, I told them twice: They would not listen to .
6. ``I assure you, madam,''he replied,``that she does not need such .
7. ``But,''said Andrea,``why do you not act on the you gave me?
8. My opinion is confirmed, and I reiterate my .''
9. Having no mother, she had no one to her at such a crisis."
10. 'You can't possibly do that,' said the Rose: '_I_ should you to walk the other way.'
11. ``Yes,''she said,``at your I have made the trial.''
12. ``Do you seriously ask my , Valentine?''
13. ``You are wrong; you must me what to do.''
14. You are a pretty fellow to object and !''
15. ``Speak, and I will follow your .''
16. Both gave their and blessing for Lama Palmo's projects.
17. Under his , other political prisoners are released.
18. But the ancestors can only him, the children must find the solution themselves.
19. You deliberately me not to go up to Soho and offer myself my self, Stryver of the King's Bench bar?''
20. You may me how to walk amid the dangers which encompass me."
21. ``Do you ask me for my , Mr. Stryver?''
22. Come fresh up to the lessons, I you, for I come fresh up to the punishment.
23. `I thought so,'replied Emmanuel;`but I wished to have your .'
24. Oh, if you refuse my ''``What do you advise?''
25. ``Then let me offer one more word of .''
26. ``Then I should you to leave off wearing that style of dress.''
27. He laugh'd and thank'd me, and said he would take my .
28. It was done with the collaboration and the of the GIGN.
29. I don't know quite what to do, and I should value your .
30. There is one point on which I want your .
31. ``Listen; this is not a command, but I give you.''
32. ``What line would you me to study?''
33. ``Then you me to go alone to Beauchamp?''
34. ``You do not find it easy to me?''
35. Oh, if you refuse my ''``What do you advise?''
36. Did I your father to sell the castle of Yanina to betray''``Silence!''
37. But let me you to think better of it.
38. ``Be careful; is worse than a service.''
39. I put the case into your hands and shall do exactly what you ."
40. Follow my , swear, and do not insult.''

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