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Sentences Containing 'herald'

Receive the victor's wreath; and the herald shall proclaim your victory aloud before your own tribunal: "M.
The Times Herald can refer to the following newspapers:
Substitutes: East Kent Goldings, Herald.
Cover page of the Philippine Herald Magazine.
That same year, he moved to the "Daily Herald" and stayed there until 1953.
In 1957, he became political correspondent for the "Sydney Morning Herald" in Canberra.
Martin then departed to England with the Scottish Snawdoun Herald.
Feral Tribune's name is likely a play on "Herald Tribune".
1970 - Tri-City Herald “Man of the Year”.
See the Tri-City Herald, January 1, 1971, page 1.
The Yale Herald is a newspaper run by undergraduate students at Yale University since 1986.
Deccan Herald wrote, ""Endrendrum Punnagai" is no great shakes as ensemble entertainer.
He originally wrote for the "Philadelphia Inquirer", and in 1861 he moved to the "New York Herald".
As part of his research for the novel, Cleary visited the offices of the "Sydney Morning Herald".
However he denied the publishing family in the book was based on the Fairfaxes, who then owned the Herald.
In 2006 she was granted a coat of arms by the Chief Herald of Ireland.
"Deccan Herald" wrote that it was "entertaining and worth a watch".
In 1908 the name was changed to "The Watch Tower and Herald of Christ's Presence".
Robin drives a decrepit Triumph Herald, claiming it to be a "classic British car".
The meeting was covertly recorded and its content leaked to the Herald Sun.
The organisation was established in 1935 by Fairfax and The Herald and Weekly Times.
Founded as "The Sunday Herald" on May 12, 1946, the "Herald" was originally a tabloid newspaper with, in Stirling's words, "a little something for everyone".
He continued to be a political cartoonist for "The Herald" until he retired in 1986, after 40 years in that role.
The paper's history traces back to 1878, when the Hillsdale Herald was first published.
The administration started The Collegian in 1893 as a rival paper to the Herald.
In 1896, the two papers merged and became the Herald-Collegian.
Eventually, the newspaper dropped the Herald and became The Collegian of Hillsdale College.
She was also a music critic for the Sydney Morning Herald and a film and theatre critic for the Sun-Herald.
In November of 1857, Osborn moved to Lawrence, Kansas where he became a compositor for the "Herald of Freedom".
A William Tyndall was Lancaster Herald under King Edward IV.
He was a Herald of the King, first as Guisne Pursuivant and later as Rouge Dragon.
The more important are his transcript of the 'Frecheville Evidences,' from a copy 'made by some herald,' probably Richard St.
Before entering the restaurant business, Cruz was a reporter for the Manila Times and the Philippine Herald.
In 2004, McPhee became a columnist with the "Boston Herald".
Herald, Gordon Stephenson, of the province of Ontario, Canada, in freedom from leakage.
He also won the Halifax Herald competition in the same year.
He is a columnist for "The New York Times" and "International Herald Tribune".
In 2006, he became the first senior editor for "The International Herald Tribune".
In 1934 the Reporter acquired the North Cheshire Herald, merging it with their Hyde Reporter.
Bredbury and Romiley, and Marple, ceased to have their own editions of the North Cheshire Herald.
The "Los Angeles Herald Examiner" claimed to have received a copy from a "news source".
The newspaper is owned by the Omaha World-Herald Co.
A report of the event was given in the New York Times, in the Herald, and for the IAAF.
In "The Silmarillion", Eönwë is called 'the Herald of Manwë'.
In 1949, the newspaper launched a Sunday edition, "The Sunday Herald".
They were a herald: Pop's new queen had arrived.".
The "Herald-Banner" also publishes three weekly newspapers: the "Commerce Journal", "Rockwall County Herald-Banner" and "Royse City Herald-Banner".
After two years, the company bought the "Morning Herald" from the Poole family in 1956, merging the two papers as the "Herald-Banner".
He started his career in illustration in 1967 at the New Zealand Herald.
The Herald Cays were named after HMS "Herald", which conducted hydrographic surveys in the Coral Sea, under the captaincy of Henry Mangles Denham, from 1849 to 1861.

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